Traktor DJ

Now Playing 2 works with any controller compatible with Traktor Pro 3 or higher.

Update Traktor Settings

Go to settings then under broadcast make the following changes:

  1. Proxy: Default
  2. Proxy Address: (Blank)
  3. Proxy Port: 0
  4. Address: localhost
  5. Port: 8000
  6. Mount path: (blank)
  7. Password: (blank)
  8. Format: Ogg Vorbis, 11025 Hz, 32 kBit/s
  9. Stream URL: (blank)
  10. Stream Name: (Anything. This setting has no effect.)
  11. Stream Description: (Anything. This setting has no effect.)
  12. Stream Genre: (Anything. This setting has no effect.)

Click OK to save your settings.

Next, enable Traktor broadcasting by clicking on the Recorder icon, then clicking on the antenna icon.

Testing The Setup

Make sure that the blue antenna icon in Traktor is not blinking. A steady light means Traktor and Now Playing 2 are connected. Blinking means it's not.

If the antenna is light is steady then try DJing a few tracks. You should see your tracks show up in Now Playing 2 app's main screen. If you do then you're ready to add the graphics to your strem.

Important Notes about Traktor Support

Traktor will save the collection database when you close Traktor. Because Now Playing reads from the database this means you have to quit Traktor to save your database changes, then restart Now Playing before your database changes can be picked up by Now Playing.

If you are using Beatport Link the songs must be in a playlist that is in your collection to get all the metadata.

Adding Graphics To Your Stream

  1. Adding graphics with OBS
  2. Adding graphics with StreamLabs