Serato DJ Pro

Now Playing 2 works with any controller compatible with Serato DJ Pro 2.0 or higher.

Now Playing does not work with Serato DJ Lite.

Recommended Setup

The recommended setup uses Serato Playlists. This is the better option because it works with Serato controller and enables all 4 decks.

To get started, you'll need to ensure Serato DJ Pro is logged into your Serato account. The account Login is located in the menu on the top right.

Once logged in, go to settingsExpansion Packs.

Tick Enable Serato Playlists and Enable Live Playlists and return to the main screen

Next, ensure your controller is on and Serato DJ Pro is in Play mode

Next, open the History Panel and locate the Start Live Playlist button located under your History Pane and click it.

Serato DJ Pro should open a web browser window and prompt you to Start live playlist (you may need to log into first)

Main Serato Login

Once enabled, you'll need to ensure the Privacy mode on your playlist is public, look for the Edit Details > link and click

Once updated to Public, proceed to the bottom of the form and click Save

Inside Now Playing 2 enable Serato Playlist and enter Serato username or your user ID depending if you setup a username.

If you've setup a username, your playlist might look like this:

Which means, enter your username into Now Playing like this:

If you haven't setup a username, you will have a user ID like this:

Which means, enter your user ID into Now Playing like this:

Serato only publishes tracks to the live playlist once they are playing and have been "audible". You should be able to load a track, play it, and the live playlist on should update almost immediately.

You are now setup.

Alternative Setup (using History file)

Note: We recommend trying the recommended setup first.

The alternative setup has some limitations:

  1. 1. It only works with two decks. It will not work with four decks.
  2. 2. It works but due to the way Serato reports track history it doesn't feel "natural". Serato only reports tracks after you've ejected it or loaded a new track in the other deck. This is unfortunately how Serato is built so there's nothing Now Playing 2 can do.

To setup Serato to use the history file, go into Now Playing's settings and turn off "Enable Serato Playlist."

Testing The Setup

Start DJing with a few songs. If you see the songs show up in the app's main screen then its working and you can start adding graphics to your stream.

Adding Graphics To Your Stream

  1. Adding graphics with OBS
  2. Adding graphics with StreamLabs