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  • Use as long as you want
  • All Supported DJ Software and Hardware
  • Use Built-in Themes
  • Track History Export
  • Album Art
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Free 30 Day Trial


per month
  • Enable All Pro Features
  • You Own Pro For Life
  • Free Updates
  • Customize Themes
  • Add Custom Themes
  • Twitch Bot Enabled
  • Discord Bot Enabled
Free 30 Day Trial


per year
  • Enable All Pro Features
  • You Own Pro For Life
  • Free Updates
  • Customize Themes
  • Add Custom Themes
  • Twitch Bot Enabled
  • Discord Bot Enabled
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Free Vs Pro

What's The Difference?

The free version is fully functional.

Everything works including all supported DJ software, auto-configuration, and built-in themes.

The Pro version unlocks the theme editor, Twitch/Discord bots, and lots of other customizing features.

Should I Get The Pro Version?

We recommend starting with the free version. Make sure you can get it working first.

Once you know it's working and want to customize it unlock Pro free for 30 days.

What Does "You Own Pro For Life" Mean?

A Pro subscription unlocks any new updates that come out.

If you cancel you get to keep the last Pro version you were using but your activation code won't unlock newer versions.

For example, if you were using version 2.1 and you canceled you can still unlock 2.1 forever. But you can't unlock version 2.2.

How Does The 30-Day Trial Work?

The trial will unlock all Pro features for a full 30 days so you can test everything out.

After 30 days it will automatically charge your credit card. You don't need to do anything.

If you decide to cancel your trial Now Playing will go back to the free version. All your customizations will still be saved but won't appear on your stream.

Join our Discord for Tech Support

We have an active community of smart people and our devs are very active in the Discord. You can email us too.

Pricing & Billing FAQ

Can I Cancel at Anytime?

Yes. You can cancel at any time. You will immediately be refunded for the amount you didn't use and Now Playing will downgrade to the free version.

Can I Switch Monthly/Yearly Plans?

You can switch at any time. In the app, go to your activation screen, click on Manage Subscription and change your plan.

Any amount you already paid will be prorated and either applied to your purchase or refunded to you.

I Have a Billing Issue

Please email help@nowplaying2.com for billing issues.

What Happens After My Trial Ends?

If you do nothing in 30 days Stripe will bill you and your trial continues to work in Pro mode. If you cancel before your trial ends Now Playing will downgrade to the Free version.

All your Pro settings will still be saved. They just won't have any affect in the Free version until you unlock Pro again.

Help! I lost my Activation Code.

Don't worry. Go to the support page, type in the email, and we will send you your registration code.

Do You Accept Cryptocurrency?

No. Our payment processor doesn't accept crypto at this time. Only fiat money at this time.