Separate Streaming and DJ PCs

Now Playing 2 automatically configures itself if you are using separate DJ and streaming PCs with auto-detection.

Install Now Playing

First download and install Now Playing on your DJ computer. You need to get that working first.

Setup the DJ Computer

Setup Now Playing 2 fully on your DJ computer.

Basically, turn on your DJ gear and open your DJ software like you're ready to play, then open Now Playing so it can auto-detect your setup.

Here's some guides to help you:

If you set up your DJ computer and Now Playing correctly your screen should look like this.

Setup your Streaming Computer

Next, download and install Now Playing on your streaming PC.

Make sure your DJ computer is on and Now Playing is still running.

Now, start Now Playing on your streaming PC. It will automatically search and link itself to the other Now Playing that's running on your DJ PC.

If it connects your screen will look like this:

You're ready to go. Follow directions to add graphics on your stream.

The next time you stream all you need to do is open Now Playing on both computers. Your configuration is saved so you don't need to do anything.

Having Trouble Connecting?

If you're having trouble connecting it might be a firewall issue on your DJ computer.

Check out our tutorial on how to open up ports on your firewall.

Now Playing will stop searching after 25 minutes. If you haven't connected your DJ/Streaming PCs by then you will need to restart the app to restart the search.

Now that you have both DJ and streaming computers connected you can add graphics to your stream.

Adding Graphics On Your Streaming PC

You're ready to go.

If you haven't already, add the graphics to your live stream.

  1. Adding graphics with OBS
  2. Adding graphics with StreamLabs

Side note: How does this work?

When Now Playing starts up it will look for other copies of Now Playing on your network and figure out which one is your DJ and streaming PCs.

The streaming PC then sets itself up to get data from by redirecting to your DJ. That means on your streaming PC you just use "http://localhost:9000" for your overlays and it will redirect to your DJ PC correctly every time.

This way you don't need to know what the IP address of your DJ computer is. If your IP somehow changes, it's OK. Now Playing will automatically get the right IP address every time you start it.