Twitch Bot

Now Playing 2 Pro includes a Twitch chat bot that will update your Twitch chat room with your currently playing track. The chat bot will also reply to !trackid command with the current playing track.

Requires Now Playing Pro (Unlock it free for 30 days)

Go to Bot Settings

Click on "Login to Twitch"

Login to the account you are streaming to. For example if you are streaming to "triodeofficial" then login as "triodeofficial". (You will be able to setup a bot account after this step).

Click "Authorize" to allow Now Playing 2 to send chat messages to your channel.

If you've logged on correctly you should see your username in as the primary account.

Enable the Twitch bot and click on the test button to test it. (Note: The test button will make up a random song title every time you click on it.

(Optional) Adding a Bot Account

If you want Now Playing 2 to send messages from an account, click on "Add a bot account".

Login to your bot account and authorize it.

If you've successfully logged into your bot account you should see your bot account in the preview.

Customizing The Chat Message

To customize the chat message change the "Chat template" option.

Customizing the Twitch command & aliases

To customize the Twitch command, type in the command you want Now Playing 2 to respond to in the Track ID commands setting.

You can have Now Playing 2 respond to more than one command by separating them with spaces (for example: !trackid !song !id. It doesn't matter if the commands are lower or uppercase.