Pioneer Opus-Quad

Update March 9, 2023:

The Opus-Quad has just been released.

The Opus-Quad appears to be an updated RX3. Which means ProDJ-Link isn't full ProDJ-Link. This is evident because according to the manual the Opus-Quad cannot connect to other ProDJ-Link systems.

Meaning, to use Now Playing with the Opus-Quad you have two choices: You can use it in Link export mode or as a controller in performance mode.

We're still getting reports back from people who just bought it. We will update this page as we learn more. For the latest info join our Discord!

Now Playing will not work with the Opus-Quad in standalone mode. Only Link Export mode.

Link Export Mode + Rekordbox

Connect your Opus-Quad via USB to your laptop. Connect your Rekordbox computer to your router. Install Now Playing on a separate computer and connect it to your router.

Start Rekordbox in Link Export mode then start Now Playing.

Adding Graphics To Your Stream

  1. Adding graphics with OBS
  2. Adding graphics with StreamLabs