Creating Custom Themes

Create custom themes with HTML.

Now Playing will handle all the data to update your theme. All you need to do is focus on the look and animations.

Requires Now Playing Pro (Unlock it free for 30 days)

To get started go to the Now Playing settings folder. In the app, click on the "Open History" button.

Look for the file "custom_html_template.html". Make a copy of this file and edit it in a text editor.

Note: CSS needs to be embedded as style tags in the HTML file. Referencing local files isn't supported yet.

When you're done go to the Theme Editor and choose "Custom HTML" as your theme.

Next, click on "Select HTML file" and open the HTML file you created.

Open your browser to the Overlay URL in a browser (like http://localhost:9000) and the console for any errors in your code.

Finally use the text button in Now Playing to test your animations and to see how tracks and album art would look.