Back-to-Back DJ sets

If you're DJing with someone else and want to use Now Playing here are some tips we've learned so far.

This is an evolving post. It will get updated as we learn more ways to do b2b sets.

USB / SD Card + Rekordbox in Performance Mode

You're using Rekordbox In Performance mode and the other DJ brings a USB/SD card.

  1. Start Rekordbox in performance mode
  2. Put the USB stick in your DJ computer.
  3. In Rekordbox create a new playlist folder for your friend.
  4. Then scroll down to Devices and copy the playlists from the USB stick into the new playlist folder you just setup.
  5. If Rekordbox asks if you want to copy songs select "No". This will take 10-15 minutes depending on how many playlists you're copying.

What this does is copy the track data from the USB stick to your library (without the music files).

Keep the USB stick in your laptop. When you're switching back and forth load tracks from the new playlist folder you created.