Discord Bot

Now Playing can update any Discord channel with a live track list.

Requires Now Playing Pro (Unlock it free for 30 days)

In Discord, create a channel or use an existing one where you want to have your live track lists to be shown

Go to Edit Channel > Integration > Create a Webhook

Give your bot a name like "Now Playing" (or whatever you want)

Go into the Discord Integration screen and enable "Discord Live track history"

Enter a custom Bot name (whatever you like). and paste the Webhook URL you got from Discord into the "Discord Webhook URL"

You can customize what the Discord live track list looks like with variables or make it come up as an announcement.

That's it. You can press Test to make sure the track has been posted into the discord channel have chosen. You can add other Variables into the discord template field you want to show more info Like date, time and label of the track played