Rekordbox Performance Mode

Now Playing 2 works with any hardware that is compatible with Rekordbox 6 in Performance mode.

To get started, make sure Rekordbox is in Performance mode by selecting "Performance" at the top of Rekordbox.

Now Playing reads from Rekordbox's playlist history database. Rekordbox adds a track to this history after you've played a song for at least 60 seconds. This is built into Rekordbox and cannot be changed. The position of your fades on your mixer are not read by Now Playing.

After the install of Now Playing, it will start for the first time and you will a screen like this

Now Playing waiting to make a connection with RekordBox/ProDJ Link

Start Rekordbox and make sure its set in Performance mode

Rekordbox in Performance mode
Now Playing detected Rekordbox as DJ software is connected.

As you can see above, Now Playing detected Rekordbox and what the last played track from the history database.

Now load a track into Rekordbox and press play

Now Playing will display the track as soon as Rekordbox counts it as played. Rekordbox counts it as played after it's been playing for 60 seconds. This is built into Rekordbox and cannot be changed.

Now Playing detected the last track played

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